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Taoist 'Nei Dan - Elixir' Qigong Workshop

2:00-5:30pm Saturday 26 April 2014   


Tao has two essential movements:

  -  one is the commission of the Tao;

  -  the other is the use of the Tao.


The commission of Tao is: ‘void begot spirit, spirit begot qi, qi begot body.’ It is how the universe became, from emptiness to existence and the creation of ten thousand things. But as body was born, and things diversified and moved further from the origin (Tao), blockage and confusion were created.


It is the Taoist view that the commission of Tao is to form life, the natural way that life transformed from one to the other and is the law of universal expansion. Thus all beings are in a constant life cycle.


The use of the Tao is: ‘body covert to qi, qi covert to spirit, spirit covert to void’. What distinguishes the use of the Tao is its state of emptiness and brightness, everything is open and coherent, existence and emptiness are interlinked; this is the motion of returning to Tao.


Taoists believe evolution is how man became and the way that constantly brings you back in the life cycle. To enable beings to jump out of this repetitive loop and from endless change, returning to the Tao is the only way to become an immortal.


This workshop will concentrate on:

1. Explaining details of the most famous of Taoist ‘Nei Dan- Elixir’ charts - the Neijing tu, or Chart of the Inner Warp.


2. Three phases breath method including:

The skill of Natural breath - Recognise where the body’s internal and external tensions are held and how to release them

Wuji breath - Gain internal and external relaxation and experience the state of Wuji (the sensation of nothingness).


3. Reverse breath method including:

The skill of perineum, solar plexus and throat breath - Open and strengthen the three gates of the Du Mai and three dantians of the Ren Mai to enable one’s qi to reverse through the microcosmic orbit.


4. The skill of foetus breath including:

Experiencing what Taoist describe as ‘return to the origin, the nothingness and infinite.’ Emit and harmonise your qi through three realms: the physical, the inner and the spiritual.


Bookings are essential and places are limited.


A PDF of the flyer can be downloaded from our web site here


Bookings can be made online at - direct link to workshop


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