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Ziran Qigong Instructors are currently located in Victoria, NSW, Tasmania and Western Australia. To find a suitable class, course or arrange private tuition, contact a Certified Ziran Qigong Instructor in your area. Inquiries can also be directed to


Master Liu Deming
Founder of Ziran Qigong and ZiRanMen Kungfu Australia

Master Liu is the 5th generation inheritor of the Liu He Zi Ran Men lineage.

​He began his study of Ziran Kung Fu and Qigong in his teens with Master Hong Zheng Fu, and later, with the legendary Grandmaster Wan Lai Sheng. After graduating from Beijing University of Physical Education, Master Liu accepted a teaching post at the famous Shaolin Temple,  then spent 12 years teaching at the Fujian Institute Of Physical Education.

When he came to Australia, Master Liu set up and taught at his own school - The Ziranmen Kung Fu Academy. He also taught for 10 years at the Melbourne University Tai Chi and Wu Shu Club.


He was the founder of the Australia Wu Shu and Tai Chi Practitioners Association (WTPA) and also lectured at the Victorian College of the Arts. Master Liu is the head coach of Shaolin temple Wu Shu Training Centre in Australia, and honorary Vice President of The International Kung Fu Federation.

Master Liu continues to develop Ziran Qigong and teaches students and instructors internationally.


Abby Lee

Ziran Qigong Master Instructor

Abbotsford, Kew, Yarraville

In addition to training under the direct guidance of Master Liu Deming since 2005, Abby has also trained with various Qigong and martial arts masters from China and Thailand. She is passionate about sharing the philosophy, knowledge and skills of this ancient art form through teaching Qigong classes (group and private) and running workshops.As a holistic health practitioner, Abby is also available for private and group sessions in Psychosomatic Therapy, Sound Healing, Counselling/Coaching and Hypnotherapy.


In 2016 Abby was honoured to be accepted by Master Liu as a 6th Generation disciple of the Zi Ran Men lineage.

For more information and class times visit​:
or contact Abby on 0412 398 368. Email:

Shifu Adam Martin

Ziran Qigong Master Instructor


Adam began his training at the age of 12, in the Japanese martial arts. He later discovered the Chinese martial arts and trained in Wing Chun and Shaolin Kung Fu in Australia and abroad.


​​In 2004 Adam returned to Australia and began training in Ziran Qigong, Zi Ran Men, Cheng Shi Bagua and Liu He Tang Lang under Master Liu Deming. In 2010, Adam was made a Shifu of the Ziranmen Kung Fu Academy, holding a 2nd Duan Black Sash Grading. Adam continues to train and teach directly under Master Liu Deming. In 2012 Adam was contracted to instruct Level 8 students from the prestigious Australian Ballet School in Ziran Qigong as part of their cross training program. Adam now resides on Victoria's surf coast where he teaches gong fu & qigong at the 5 Elements Kung Fu Academy

In 2016 Adam was honoured to be accepted by Master Liu as a 6th Generation disciple of the Zi Ran Men lineage.



Wednesdays @ Gail Cooper Room, Grant Pavillion Torquay 7:45pm

Adam can be contacted on 0439 612 752 or via email:​

Ralph Spethmann

Ziran Qigong Master Instructor

Fairfield, Richmond

Ralph jointly manages the Ziran Kung Fu Academy in Richmond and as a senior instructor, teaches regular Qigong and Tai Qi classes in Richmond and Fairfield. Together with with Master Liu and fellow disciple Toby Mills, Ralph has developed the Ziran Qigong Online Academy enabling the benefits of Qigong to be accessible to many more students.

Ralph continues to participate and support Ziran Qigong intensives and higher level disciple training with Master Liu furthering his commitment to and his knowledge of Nei Jia Quan (Internal martial arts).


2019    Disciple Training with Master Liu, 9 days - Bali


2016    Ralph trained intensively for a month with Master Liu in the Daiyun mountains, China. Whilst in China Ralph was honoured to be accepted by Master Liu as a 6th Generation disciple of the Zi Ran Men lineage.

When Master Liu relocated to NSW at the end of 2015, Ralph became the Senior Qigong and Taiji Instructor and entrusted with the Ziran Kung Fu Academy in Richmond.

2009 - 2015     Under the guidance of Master Liu Deming, Ralph trained in Zi Ran Men, Tai Qi Quan, Cheng Shi Bagua and Ziran Qigong. Since 2013 Ralph has participated in annual Ziran Qigong Instructor Training Retreats and workshops. In 2015 Ralph spent two weeks intensively training with Master Liu in China.


1996 - 2009     Ralph studied at the Wu De Hui Martial Arts Academy ATCM (Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine) founded by Professor Wong Lun in the disciplines of Wu Gong (Chinese holistic martial arts), Tai Qi Quan, Tui Shou (push hands), Bing Qi (sword and knife weapons training), Dao Zuo (meditation training), Tang Shou (original Chinese form of Karate) and Judo. Throughout this period Ralph also regularly practiced yoga to improve his wellbeing and further his knowledge. With the closure of ATCM and the retirement of Professor Wong Lun, Ralph sought to further enrich his knowledge and practice with Master Liu Deming at the Ziranmen Kungfu Academy.

After many years experiencing the benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine and through his personal study of Chinese philosophy, Ralph is now in a unique position to support the journey of others.


Ongoing Richmond Classes

Mondays: 6:15 - 7:30pm 

Melbourne Girls College, Yarra Boulevard, Richmond

Ongoing Fairfield Classes

Wednesdays: 6:00 - 7:30pm

Fridays: 9:15 - 10:15am

Fairfield Uniting Church, 85 Gillies St Fairfield VIC (Cnr Duncan Street)


Ziran Qigong Beginners Course
Each term - Tuesdays(TBA): 6:00 - 7:30pm

Fairfield Uniting Church, 85 Gillies St Fairfield VIC (Cnr Duncan Street)

View and register online at

Private Qigong guidance

Available for individuals or groups by request.

To discuss your needs and to make an appointment please contact Ralph on 0418 519 926 or email: 

Michelle Greene

Ziran Qigong Master Instructor

Sunshine Coast, QLD

Teaching at Peregian Beach Community House

255 David Low Way, Peregian Beach Queensland 

Tuesdays 6.00am - 7.00am
Wednesdays 6.30pm - 7.30pm


Contact Michelle for further details m: 0407 090 660 or e:

Sandee Lippiatt

Ziran Qigong Master Instructor

Margaret River, Witchcliffe

Sandee Lippiatt 

Chinese Medicine Practitioner 

The Healing Point Margaret River 

3/28 Station Rd, Margaret River 

Ph: 0439 432 185 

Other Certified Master Instructors

Sarah Finlay

Tennille Kroemer 


Dr Andrew Chambers

(BHSc Chinese Medicine / Adv.Dip. Shiatsu and Oriental Therapies)

Instructor: LiuHe-ZiRanMen KungFu, Ziran QiGong and TaiJi Quan

South Yarra - LiuHe-ZiRanMen Kungfu Academy

Andrew began his martial arts journey in the early 1990’s. 

Training in the Korean discipline of Taekwondo, and later in the discipline of WingChun Kungfu.


In 2001, Andrew discovered and undertook the disciplines of LiuHe-­ZiRanMen Kungfu, ZiRan-Qigong and TaiJi; of which he continues to dedicate his time, training and teaching.


Andrew founded the LiuHe-­ZiRanMen Kungfu Academy, in January 2016. He is the Director and Head Instructor of the academy, based in South Yarra, Melbourne (AUS).


The academy offers; ZiRan Qigong and TaiJii classes, Shaolin Kids Kungfu classes and Traditional LiuHe-ZiRanMen Kungfu classes. Classes are held over the course of Monday and Wednesday evenings, and Saturday mornings.


Andrew also offers Traditional Chinese and Oriental medicine treatments; incorporating the use of Acupuncture and ancillary techniques, Moxibustion, Shiatsu Acupressure, Sotai musculoskeletal alignment, Tuina Remedial massage, TCM Herbal medicine, Medical Qigong, and Dietary and Lifestyle coaching.


For any further information please do not hesitate to contact us here at the LiuHe-­ZiRanMen Kungfu Academy. Alternatively please follow the link below to our website at your convenience.

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Andy Chambers
Abby Lee
Adam Martin
Ralph Spethmann
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Kirsten McCulloch
Ziran Qigong Master Instructor
Dandenong Ranges, Vic

Kirsten’s Internal martial arts journey began in 1991, training weekly with Master Christine Adolphson (former director Tai chi and Qigong Centre Vic). In 2001 Kirsten learnt Primary Medical Qigong level 1 with Professor Yong Qiang Wang.

In 2006 Kirsten met Master Liu Deming and began her Ziran training at his first residency teaching of 5 Element Qigong in Vic. Kirsten continued weekly training with Master Liu until 2008 when she moved to New Zealand to manage the Wangapeka Meditation Centre.

In 2016 Kirsten committed to the 5-year Ziran Qigong teacher training programme with Master Liu in Vic, as well as deepening her training with Master Liu in China in 2017.


Kirsten is also a long-term practitioner of Shiatsu and meditation, with Taoist meditation being an integral aspect of her Ziran Qigong practice. Kirsten holds a BA of Counselling (ACAP), Dip of Shiatsu and Oriental Therapies, and has been an active Instructor member since 2006 with WTQA (Wushu, Taichi & Qigong Australia).

Classes held at Selby Community House

1 Minak Rd, Via Charles St Selby, Vic

Tuesdays 9.30 am & 11 am

Kirsten is available for Qigong workshops, meditation coaching and online counselling/coaching.  

For all enquiries please call 0438 305347 or email

Brooke Allen
Toby Mills
Screen Shot 2020-12-05 at 6.33.26 pm.png


Brooke Allen

Certified Level Two Ziran Qigong Instructor

Hobart, Tasmania

Brooke specialises in Massage & Oriental Therapies including Remedial/Relaxation Therapy, Shiatsu, Traditional Thai Massage, Eastern Cupping Traditions (Traditional Chinese Medicine & Thai) and Myofascial (Western). 

Brooke holds a Diploma of Oriental Therapies and is a nationally accredited Shiatsu & Traditional Thai Massage Therapist. He completed his Traditional Thai Massage Diploma with Bruce Bentley, one of the world's foremost authorities in this discipline. 

He is a past Tasmanian representative of the Shiatsu Therapy Association of Australia (STAA).

He continues his training in Eastern modalities under the guidance of Grandmaster and Chinese Doctor Wayne Oldham, Tactile & Remedial Medical Specialist. Brooke follows in the Tiedazhang tradition (Tieda means fall and hit, Zhang means Doctor, also known as Bone-Setter). This is a long standing tradition of martial arts healers who specialise in injuries. 

Qigong is an integral component of Brooke's practice. He has achieved instructor certification from Master Liu De Ming, fifth generation lineage-holder of the Zi Ran Men Kung Fu (Natural Gate), Zi Ran Qigong and Liu He Kung Fu (Six Harmonies) systems. 

Through the art of Qigong Brooke is able to pass on breath, meditation and mindfulness techniques, as well as corrective strengthening exercises and stretches. 

Zi Ran Qigong classes with Brooke cover all levels of the Zi Ran Qigong system.

Brooke’s approach as a practitioner and teacher is clear, simple and down to earth. He breaks down often confusing Eastern concepts in ways which can be applied in everyday life.


​For more information and class times visit:​

Paul Dumais

Certified Level Two Ziran Qigong Instructor

Byron Bay, NSW

2014 Running Ziran Qi Gong courses at Temple Byron in Byron Bay and available for

        group/corporate workshops, festivals and private classes.

2013 Taught at Kulcha Jam in Byron Bay. Taught at various yoga centres in Bali.

        Returned to Australia and completed Level 2 Ziran Qi Gong Instructor course.

2007-13 Ran popular Qi Gong workshops at festivals such as Rainbow Serpent,

        Solar Eclipse and Dancing Ground.

2012 Received the Level 1 Ziran Qi Gong Instructors certificate from Master Liu.

2011-12 Taught bi-weekly morning Qi Gong classes at Starseed Gardens, Byron Bay.

2007 Moved to Byron Bay, Taught Five Element Qi Gong, organised Tai Chi and Qi Gong

        workshops for Master Liu and delved deeper into Qi Gong and Tai Chi.

2004 Returned to Melbourne and started training intensely with Master Liu Deming.

2001 Moved to Cape Tribulation and started teaching Qi Gong classes daily.

2000 In preparation for the National Tai Chi competition, studied with Dao's Sifu,

        Master Liu Deming in Tai Chi 24 form and Sun Style, winning the Gold Medal.

1999-2001 Trained with Sifu Dao in Prahran, practicing Tai Chi - 24 Form, 42 form, Sun Style,

        Wudang Style, Ziranmen and Bagua.

1999 Sat a 10 day Vipassana Course in the blue mountains - first of many.

1998 Recieved Dao at the Caufield Dao Centre and was first introduced to Qi Gong 

1990's Trained in Tae Kwon Do, Wing Chun and Tang So Do in Melbourne.


Aus mobile: +61 414413532

For private sessions call +08 2144471797

Renato Keca

Certified Level Two Ziran Qigong Instructor

Lismore, NSW

Renato lives and practices Traditional Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine in Lismore NSW. He has been a student of Liu He Zi Ran Men since 2001 and continues to develop his skills under the tuition of Master Liu.

In 2016 Renato was honoured to be accepted by Master Liu as a 6th Generation disciple of the Zi Ran Men lineage.


Renato teaches Wednesday mornings in Lismore from 7.30 - 8.30am and private guidance is available as part of his acupuncture consultations.
For more information and class times please call 02 6621 7520 or visit

Min Manifold

Certified Level Two Ziran Qigong Instructor


Min began her training in wushu, taichi and qigong in 2004. She has over the last ten years focused her energies on taichi and qigong. She is a certified instructor of Ziran Qigong and Taichi training under the direct guidance of Master Liu Deming. 


Min has completed a doula course and followed her interest in taichi and qigong for women's health. She has also applied her training to run workshops in the area of dance and embodiment. She is passionate about sharing the philosophy, knowledge and skills of this ancient art form.  


Min is available for private Qigong sessions by appointment and runs Qigong workshops upon request.



Toby Mills

Certified Level Two Ziran Qigong Instructor

Brunswick Heads, NSW

Toby Mills has been a student of Master Liu de Ming since 2002 & maintains a regular personal Ba Gua & Zi Ran Qigong practice. He is a practicing Osteopath.

In 2016 Toby was honoured to be accepted by Master Liu as a 6th Generation disciple of the Zi Ran Men lineage.

ClassesToby instructs a regular weekly Zi Ran Qigong class 8:00-9:00am Tuesdays.

The class is conducted outdoors on the riverbank park beside the Brunswick River shaded by a stand of large Norfolk pines.


Contact:Toby can be contacted at

Other Certified Level Two Instructors

Adam Beardsley

Paul Bourke

Paul Burns

Sarah Cartwright

Linda Gold

Eliza Helm


Lisa Jackson

Kirsten McCulloch

Tony Robins

Glenys Savage

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Melo Calarco

Certified Level One Ziran Qigong Instructor

With over 18 years experience, Melo likes to share his passion to assist as many people in obtaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle. He has a deep interest in the internal arts and has studied Wu Chu Chuan- Five Ancestor Fist- Shaolin Kung Fu, Chen Style Taichi, Yang Style Taichi, various styles of Qigong and other internal arts.


As well as being fortunate enough to study under various international Masters in China, Europe and USA, during his world travels, here in Melbourne, Australia he continues to study with Master Liu Deming. This has led to the involvement of Ziran Qigong and he is happy to have the opportunity to share this with others.


His passion for life and his positive enthusiasm affects all those around him and he has a natural ability to bring out the best in people. In his work he combines a unique blend of methods to help his clients acquire optimal results, including aspects of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shiatsu, Qigong, Myotherapy, and functional movement.


For more information visit: or email

Carolyn Diaz

Certified Level One Ziran Qigong Instructor

Carolyn Diaz has worked with the Pilates method since 1993. Injuries sustained as a professional dancer led her to begin as a clinical Pilates instructor, working in physiotherapy clinics. Carolyn’s interest in eastern-based body therapies has led her to study Butoh muscle and bone with Min Tanaka in Japan. She is also a qualified Shiatsu practitioner and a traditional Thai massage therapist.


Carolyn began training in the martial arts as a system of health and longevity and began studying Bagua (a style of Kung Fu), as well as Taichi and Qi Gong directly under Master Liu Deming in 2007.





Fiona Patterson

Certified Level One Ziran Qigong Instructor

Fiona is a disciple student of Master Liu Deming, 5th Generation Zi Ran Men Kung Fu lineage holder. She has trained under Master Liu Deming since 1999. She also holds an Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teaching.


Fiona specialises in making qigong, tai chi and yoga accessible within the workplace, with an emphasis on teaching mind and body awareness to help balance the pace and stress of a modern lifestyle.


In April 2014 Fiona released the 'Salute the Desk' app for iPhone and iPad. This app helps desk bound workers incorporate mindful stretching and relaxation into their day. For more information, please visit:



Jonathan Wray

Certified Level One Ziran Qigong Instructor

Hilton, Fremantle Area

Jonathan Wray 


Next Wave Therapy 

Hilton, Fremantle Area 

9337 6460

Other Certified Level One Instructors

Sarah Asphar

Rachel Doust

Alex Fricke

Helen Handsjuk

Cheryll Koffel

Peter Kolobaric

Jane McArthur

Benjamin McDonald

Brijesh Palmer

Kerry Posniak

Ivor Quigley

James Stillman

Gail Tyson

Emily Yardley

Sara Yim

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