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Tranquility Meditation

1. Mind of an empty room

As the philosophy of the Tao is a source

of nourishment for our daily life, Ziran Qigong, through its Taoist tranquility meditation can develop inner peace and strength to help deal with day to day stress, and lead us into the great space

of consciousness and happiness.

There are three paths to the tranquility meditation: the mind of an empty room, the mind of still water and the mind of a bright mirror.

In this meditation, we will be concentrating on:

1) The internal state; looking inside ourselves, removing all distracting thoughts and emotions, emptying the mind, thus mind without mind

2) The external body, releasing all tensions, relaxing and allowing the body to disappear, thus form without form

3) Distantly observing the outside world, letting the matter disappear, seeing it as formless, thus world without world.

Once you achieve these three states of emptiness, you are in a state of tranquility.

Creating emptiness allows us to drop life’s baggage, cleaning out useless belongings, detaching attachments and identifying oneself within the universe. Only when the room is empty, is there space to expand, so life’s journey can be light and bright.


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