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Ingrid Malenfant

Certified Ziran Qigong Instructor

​After living and working for the United Nations Development Programme for 10 years in Ethiopia, 2 years in Iran and 6 years in India, we arrived in Penang, Malaysia in 1970. I discovered the Yang form of  Tai Chi Chuan through Master Kwong Kai Yooi, Martial Arts Instructor at the Malayan Penang Chin Woo Association to whom I owe most of what I learnt and understood only much later – at almost 80 I continue exploring.


In 1983, after settling in France, Jean-Paul Gallard, our President, and myself created the 'Association de Pratiques Energétiques Chinoises - APEC' - we shall celebrate its 30 years existence in April 2013.


From 1986 to 2011, I followed several schools of teacher training:Master Li Xiao Ming,(Institute of Tradional Chinese Medecine in Peking)Master Chu King Hung in London (Yang Tai Chi),at the 'Temps du Corps' in Paris: Madame Ke Wen, Master Zhang Guang De, Madame Liu Ya Fei, Master Shen Xin Yang et Mme Mok Chung Meng (Hui Chun Gong), Master Yuan Li Ming (Wudang)Dr. Jean-Marc Eyssalet (traditional Dao Yin)


In 2009 I discovered Master Liu Deming and the 5 Element Qi Gong on Youtube and knew that there was a turn in my practice of Qi Gong. Master Liu accepted my invitation to direct Zi Ran Men workshops in Redon and we have had the honour and joy to welcome him for two Zi Ran Men workshops and two Tranquillity Meditation workshops in october 2011 and 3 workshops in June 2012. Master Liu's Tranquillity meditation  is deep and powerful.


After many years of learning, practicing and teaching, I wish now to concentrate exclusively on teaching Ziran Qi Gong as well as Hui Chun Gong. Ziran Qi Gong as practiced, taught and advised by Master Liu is a deep way of exploring body and mind, as well as the world around us – I am happy to continue on this WAY without end.

In 2016 Ingrid was honoured to be accepted by Master Liu as a 6th Generation disciple of the Zi Ran Men lineage.


Anne Auge

Certified Ziran Qigong Instructor

I started to learn and practice Tai Chi and Qigong from 1991 onward. I met Master Liu Deming in 2013 and as I am passionately interested in Taoïst philosophy, I have followed his teachings ever since. 

His generous way of sharing his knowledge is a source of profound transformation for me.


I have been teaching Tai Chi and Qigong since 1996, first in the South of France (Arles) and since 2013 in Suresnes (near Paris) and also in Paris.


I invited Master Liu to introduce Ziran Qigong to Paris October 2014 and in May 2015 I am organizing  a 4-day symposium directed by Master Liu in the South of France.
More information:

Adriana Bunescu

Certified Ziran Qigong Instructor

Certified in Traditional Chinese Medicine, I have been teaching Qi Gong since 2006 after training 5 years at ‘Temps du Corps’ in Paris with Ke Wen. I have studied different forms: Dao Yin Yangsheng Gong, Nei Yang Gong. I have also learnt Hui Chun Gong with Ingrid Malenfant, who has introduced new tools to improve my practice. 


Thanks to Ingrid I have met Master Liu Deming and I have been teaching, since 2012 the Zi Ran Qi Gong in Grenoble. I love this form which opens to me another vision of the Qi and adds a new dimension to my practice of Qi Gong. I continue to further my knowledge with Master Liu in Redon and Grenoble and by joining the Teacher Training Course directed by Master Liu in Redon.


In 2013 I invited Master Liu to Grenoble to teach Ziran Qigong level 1, and I hope to organise many more weekends in the future, directed by Master Liu.


Annie Cousin

Certified Ziran Qigong Instructor

The first motivation is to be able to study with Master Liu Deming and Ingrid Malenfant.


I want to practice and teach Ziran Qi Gong because it goes along the path of meditation and this is of prime importance to me. Ziran Qi Gong will give me the tools and time to explore the obstacles so as to develop Qi harmoniously. As it is a precise and detailed research, it will help me share the fundamental principles of Qi Gong with my students. I trust Ziran Qi Gong will allow me to develop the strength and joy to practice without an aim – then to share the openness and space gained in the practice with my fellow students.






Chantal Delahaye

Certified Ziran Qigong Instructor

Tiger of metal

'Tiger doesn’t like competition but…'


I am graduate of medicine and I spent nearly 30 years in different pharmaceutical companies mostly in marketing and communication.


I discovered Tai Chi in 2002 during a trip in China, when walking early in the morning in the parks where I saw so many people practicing (mostly elderly people) with fun.


In 2003, I started practicing Qi Gong in Paris and participated to a first 3 years Qi gong training between 2005 and 2008 at « Les Temps du Corps in Paris. Followed by a Hui chun gong training between 2005 and 2008 where I met Ingrid Malenfant, the principal teacher.


I am now retired and I have started teaching Qi gong 3 years ago in a regular basis (4 hours per week). The forms I teach are mainly Dao Yin, Nei Yang Gong and Hui Chun gong (my preferred one).


During a Hui chun gong week training session, Ingrid showed us « five element qi gong » and Ziran Qi gong. I have been so impressed by the simplicity of the forms (apparently), the power and the fluidity of the movements. I have had also the impression of peace during practicing Ziran Qi gong.


I think that practicing Ziran Qi gong gives me the opportunity to revise, to go deeper in the previous forms even in Hui chun gong. I have the impression of having progress in qi gong by practicing Ziran qi gong even if a lot has to be done but this is the way.

Olivier Duval

Certified Ziran Qigong Instructor

Everything started with an enigmatic phrase of Lao Tse 'the saint nourishes himself through the belly'. I love to read, I love intellectual activities, but slowly but surely I discovered that different forms of Tai Chi Chuan indeed nourish the belly …and the whole body.


I arrived in Redon in the eighties when I met Ingrid Malenfant. This contact teaches me 'the right effort'. Tai Chi Chuan, Tai ji zhuang, Hui Chun Gong …numerous are the forms through which one can be fashioned. It is like swimming or walking in nature: I like to get carried away by the river or by a 'form'.


The number of years don't count, I still feel a 'beginner'. I still have to learn to drop the buttocks, look at my hands, try to find the internal and external fluidity.


When Ingrid discovered Ziran Qi Gong and Master Liu Deming …off we are on the road to be eternal beginners. I do not wish anymore to multiply the forms. But the Zi Ran Men magnetises me. I am profoundly interested by the practice of meditation, which is the heart of Zi Ran Men. I understand that across the form I have to patiently modify my body and its functioning. This is the new adventure!​


tel: 0299723649 ​
5 chemin du lavoir, F-35600 Redon, France

Pieter Gilles

Certified Ziran Qigong Instructor

Alkmaar - Holland/The Netherlands

For more information please visit my website.











Elisabeth Larivière

Certified Ziran Qigong Instructor

​Artist painter, designer and teacher of art, I came to know the Qi Gong after an accident of a knee (fracture of the kneecap) in 2003. My enthusiastic and continuous practice (in the beginning mainly static) becomes more profound during the teacher training course at the 'Temps du Corps' (directed by Mme ke Wen), I passed my diploma in 2008.


The methods taught were the Dao Yin Yangsheng Gong by Master Zhang Guang De, the Nei Yang Gong taught by Madame Liu Ya Fei and the 5 Animal frolics taught by Master Yu Ding Hai.


Afterwards my practice was enriched by the learning of Hui Chun Gong, which I like particularly.


For the time being I am teaching the design and the Qi Gong alternatively. I am trying to transmit the traditional methods with authenticity and rigour while trying to understand the sense of these practices, today, in the West.


The Zi Ran Men Qi Gong has been presented to me by Ingrid Malenfant. I am touched by the power of this method and by the internal liberty that produces this practice. I still feel to be a beginner, in the phase of learning and quite a lot of questions.I have the impression that it is only the beginning of an adventure … I suppose that this is a way to unify the problems of depth and form.

Françoise Lebeau

Certified Ziran Qigong Instructor

​In 1968 I started my professional life teaching biology for 5 years, then, after getting married, I was attracted by the commerce and we kept a restaurant for 24 years. I am now in pension. I have always been passionately interested by the functioning of the human being: the body, the psychology, health (I have followed workshops in naturopathy), this is the way I discovered the Qi Gong and the Tai Chi in 1989 as a student in Ingrid's Association.


Ingrid proposed to me to follow a Qi Gong teacher training course in Paris at the 'Temps du Corps'. Having my diploma I presented myself and obtained the diploma of the French QG Federation in 2002. For the past 10 years I have been teaching as a volunteer in our association.


It is Ingrid who permitted us to discover the Zi Ran Men in 2011, it has been a great moment for us all! Like her, I am enthusiastic about this form and particularly about the possibility to have the direct teaching by Master Liu Deming, here in Redon. This is an exceptional chance !!! I have never before touched the depth of internal practice, nor received such a clear and precise teaching. There remains a lot for me to discover. The path is enthralling.


I am particularly touched by the 'quality of heart' that Master Liu shows to us by his presence, but also through his teachings.

Maud Macon

Certified Ziran Qigong Instructor

I have discovered Qi Gong in Redon in 2006 during my last year of my engineering studies. I wanted to balance my mental activity, too present, with more physical activity.  I met Ingrid Malenfant and Françoise Lebeau and  participated in several of their classes weekly, discovering Hui Chun Gong, Dao Yin, Shibashi and the 5 Animals during the first year. I continued discovering Qi Gong in Paris at 'Les Temps du Corps' with Ke Wen and Wang Yan Li.


When following the courses in Redon I discovered the teachings of Master Hu Xiao Fei and Master Yan Li Ming. It was in 2011 that I met Master Liu Deming who initiated us to Zi Ran Qi Gong. I follow the Teacher Training course proposed by l'APEC and directed by Master Liu since then.


I feel it is now time to share by teaching to others the joy and pleasure I feel myself when practicing Qi Gong. There is no need to multiply the forms of Qi Gong, it is through the essence we can create space inside and outside ourselves in order to feel free and balanced – knowing instinctively that this is what we want.

Yvette Marcot​

Certified Ziran Qigong Instructor

​I have a good experience of teaching Qi Gong. Having followed the teacher training at 'Les Temps du Corps' with Ke Wen, I have studied different forms of Dao Yin Yangsheng Gong, Nei Yang Gong and the 5 animals Qi Gong.


In 2004 I discovered the Hui Chun Gong through Ingrid. I followed the teacher training course in this Qi Gong which I find rich and profound.  As part of 'HCG' I also practiced a form of meditation based on the sensation of the meridians. At the 'School of Qi', Dominique Banizette taught me the Nei Dan – an approach to the small celestial circuit.


To maintain my level, I go often to Redon to practice with Ingrid whose teaching I appreciate a lot and who told us in summer 2011 of an extraordinary method: the Zi Ran Men. As for herself, we all were impatient to learn this form, a wish being realised in October 2011 with the coming of Master Liu De Ming. This method which teaches us to empty the chest and fill the back, where the attention is not only on the lower Dan Tian but on the 3 DT, seems to me to go much further than the others. This method, like the Hui Chun Gong, aims at making alive the Du Mai and the Ren Mai, which reinforces our potential. I am also very motivated by the Tranquillity Meditation.


After the experience of two workshops, thanks to the excellent preparation before the meditation, it has been much easier for me to enter into the state of meditation, which has never happened to me before.


My wish is that Master Liu and Ingrid continue to accompany me on my road and I wish to teach Zi Ran Men.

Marie-Christine MOUTAULT

Certified Ziran Qigong Instructor

First Physical Training Teacher, from 1976 to 2000, she now teaches Taiji Quan, Qigong and Chinese Calligraphy in Anjou (France).


TaiJi Quan Experience

She practices the Yangjia Michuan Taiji Quan form since 1988, she teaches it since 1993; Her professor is Claudy JEANMOUGIN in France; She has also studied with Master Wang Yen Nien in Taipei and in France. She is member of the European YMTQ Teachers College since 1994, and received the Internal Martial Arts Training Institut diploma in 1997.


Dao Yin Qigong Experience

She practices the Dao Yin Qigong since 2001, teaches it since 2008 ; She was trained by professor Zhang Guang De at the « Yang Sheng Gong », and at the « Dao Yin »  and Chinese Energetic in « I.DE.E.S » (Institut de Développement des Études en Énergétique et Sinologie) with Dr Jean-Marc Eyssalet.

She discovered Master Liu Deming’s work in 2013, with “APEC “and Ingrid Malenfant.

Since this time she belongs the second european class « Teacher-training» ZI RAN QIGONG, with Maître LIU De Ming education.

With her association «Les Nuages du Wudang », she invites Master Liu Deming in Anjou for several workshops each year since 2014.

She will organize in the seminar center “Centre Xian” the “Third European Class - Teacher-Training ZI RAN QIGONG» from October 2016 (West France)


For more information please visit the two web site:

Marie-Flore Nallet

Certified Ziran Qigong Instructor

I came to Qi Gong after a few years of Yoga practise. I travelled two years in the Sates and in India. Back to France, I looked for a yoga teacher in Redon. I’ve mainly chosen Qi Gong in Redon because of the teacher. After a few years of practise, I can say that Qi gong has helped me a lot through my daily life, keeping me balanced and centred, in spite of ups and downs. Practising Qi gong is also a way of keeping healthy and loose.


Teaching is a challenge for me and a way to stimulate my practise to enter deeper in the understanding of Qi Gong.

Jocelyne​ Queudet

Certified Ziran Qigong Instructor

I have practiced Tai Chi for almost 20 years within an association and this has always interested me and I enjoyed it.


After a separation , I found myself living alone as my 2 children were adult and had left home. I started practicing Qi Gong within an association, who proposed to pay part of my teacher training fees if I started teaching. I accepted with difficulties, as I had no confidence in myself. To start studies at the age of 53 was delicate but I realised that this was now my road.


I teach Qi Gong for the past 4 years and I have created my own association « The quiet turtle » a year ago.


The way to practice in Redon and the training with Master Liu is what I have been looking for, this is the way I want to teach in the future.


For the past 30 years I have been a free-lance interviewer for surveys and I arrive at saturation, because working by going from house to house and sitting at my computer is no longer what I want to do. But I need money to live.I would like to develop my association in order to earn a little money as I shall not have a decent pension.I would also like to share with others the well being that I feel by practicing Qi Gong. I realise that I feel better and better in my body and in my mind since I began practising QG - what more to wish for...


Contact : 


Website :

Pascale Raude

Certified Ziran Qigong Instructor

​For many years I have had the chance to practice Tai and Qi Gong within an association with Ingrid Malenfant.


In the beginning I practiced the Tai Chi Chuan, Taijizhang as well as several kinds of Dao Yin Yangsheng Gong, I continue to follow several Qi Gong courses per week. Amongst other, the Qi Gong forms taught by Ingrid, I have practiced more recently: the 18 Imperial Exercises (Qian Long), 5 animal Qi Gong, Shibashi, Hui Chun Gong and since a year the Zi Ran Men Qi Gong of the 5 Elements.


I wish to deepen my personal practice. Consequently, the new way proposed by the Zi Ran Men,, the new knowledge accompanied by a clear theory, is enriching my practice and gives a direction to my research.


Later on I intend to teach in Redon, in agreement and collaborating with Ingrid Malenfant, always within l'APEC, which accompanies since many years.


Florentino Álvarez

Certified Ziran Qigong Instructor

Country: España (Madrid)


I've been practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine (accupuncture) and teaching Shiatsu (Japanesse Massage) for more than 20 years.


For the past 10 years I've been training Qigong, currently under the supervision of Master Liu De Ming.


For more information please visit my web site:

or contact me at:

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