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Ralph Spethmann

Fairfield VIC

Ziran Qigong Master Instructor

Ralph teaches regular classes in person and online, conducts workshops and retreats enriching all levels of practitioner experience.

Together with with Master Liu and fellow disciple Toby Mills, the trio developed Ziran Qigong Online Academy enabling the benefits of Qigong to be accessible to many more students.

Ralph continues to participate and support Ziran Qigong intensives and higher level disciple training with Master Liu furthering his commitment to and his knowledge of Nei Jia Quan (Internal martial arts).

2020 Organised and assisted at 10 day residential retreat with Master Liu - Bali
2019 Disciple Training with Master Liu, 9 days - Bali

2016 Ralph trained intensively for a month with Master Liu in the Daiyun mountains, China. Whilst in China Ralph was honoured to be accepted by Master Liu as a 6th Generation disciple of the Zi Ran Men lineage.

2015 - 2020 When Master Liu relocated to NSW at the end of 2015, Ralph became Senior Qigong and Tai Chi Instructor at the Academy in Richmond and jointly entrusted with management of the school.

2009 - 2015 Under the guidance of Master Liu Deming, Ralph trained in Zi Ran Men, Tai Qi Quan, Cheng Shi Bagua and Ziran Qigong. Since 2013 Ralph has participated in annual Ziran Qigong Instructor Training Retreats and workshops. In 2015 Ralph spent two weeks intensively training with Master Liu in China.

1996 - 2009 Ralph studied at the Wu De Hui Martial Arts Academy ATCM (Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine) founded by Professor Wong Lun in the disciplines of Wu Gong (Chinese holistic martial arts), Tai Qi Quan, Tui Shou (push hands), Bing Qi (sword and knife weapons training), Dao Zuo (meditation training), Tang Shou (original Chinese form of Karate) and Judo. Throughout this period Ralph also regularly practiced yoga to improve his wellbeing and further his knowledge. With the closure of ATCM and the retirement of Professor Wong Lun, Ralph sought to further enrich his knowledge and practice with Master Liu Deming at the Ziranmen Kungfu Academy.

After many years experiencing the benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine and through his personal study of Chinese philosophy, Ralph is now in a unique position to support the journey of others.

0418 519 926

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