Finding a Ziran Qigong class

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Abbotsford    |   Qigong Melbourne, Abbotsford Convent – 1 St. Hilier St, Abbotsford

Richmond    |   Ziran Kungfu Academy, Melbourne Girls College, Yarra Boulevard, Richmond

Torquay    |    5 Elements Kung Fu Academy, 1 Merrijig Drive, Level 1 Grant Pavilion, Torquay

South Yarra    |    LiuHe-ZiRanMen Kungfu Academy, 30 Fitzgerald Street, South Yarra 

Movement of QI 氣機

When the great ancient taoist philosopher Zhuang zi 庄子 was asked to describe - what is a great sage, he said;

'The ancient great sage breathes with his feet, collecting by his throat. He is able to absorb the essence of earth and heaven Qi and harmonize them within him.'

Gravity and reaction in nature are mutually reinforcing. When there is not enough connection with earth and with our mind in such state of business which happens often in this modern time, our heart doesn’t get enough negative energy changes, heaven and earth Qi lost its balance that our heart has to work much harder to circulate the...


Join Master Liu Deming and his disciples for this ultimate transformative journey

Explore these principles during the 12 Day Program:

Opening - Become aware of the body’s alignment required to awaken your Qi. Connect with the body’s six energy lines and the Microcosmic Orbit.

Connection - Discover the connection of the central axis of earth and heaven Qi. Through balancing the negative and positive energies in nature you’ll experience the true meaning of “...the ancient great sage breathes through his feet, collecting by its throat.”...

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