Ziran Qigong Instructor Training and Certification - March 2021, Victoria


Registrations open

Registrations are open for booking your place for the Ziran Qigong Instructor Training and Immersion Training Retreat to be held at Maitripa, Buddhist Retreat Healesville, Labour Day weekend 5-8 March 2021.

The purpose of the retreat

The retreat is an opportunity for instructors to develop a deeper understanding of Ziran Qigong culture, gain teaching skills and develop a stronger sensitivity of Qi.

It will provide teaching support, further development of this art and a platform to enable individuals to further their understanding and sensitivities to a deeper level.

The Ziran Qigong Instructor Certificate Program contains three levels of certification achieved over a period of five years.

Year One - Level 1 preparation training

Year Two - Eligible to receive the first Level 1 Instructor Certificate.

Year Three - Level 2 preparation training

Year Four - Eligible to receive the second Level 2 Instructor Certificate.

Year Five - Eligible to receive the third level Master Instructor Certificate.

Full Level One certification (second year of program) is required to begin teaching.

Ziran Qigong Instructor Training Retreat 2020

Expressions of interest

Master Liu is taking expressions of interest to students wishing to join the Ziran Qigong Instructor Certificate Program.

Students will be invited to participate based on merit and ability. If you have no desire to teach but would still like to participate in the program to further your personal practice, we have a limited number of places available.

Course Details

COURSE: Ziran Qigong Instructor Training*

DATE: 5 - 8 March 2021

TIME: Arrive Friday after 4pm and depart after 6pm Monday evening

LOCATION: Maitripa Buddhist Retreat, Healesville

COST: $830 - Inclusive of meals and accommodation

* Further information will be provided upon registration


Please use this link to register for the waiting list and pay your deposit online to secure your place

If you require further information, please email your questions to events@ziranmen.com

Please email your request for acceptance to the Ziran Qigong Instructor Program outlining your experience with this link to apply for the Ziran Qigong Instructor training.

Please use this link to register for the waiting list and pay your deposit online to secure your place

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Finding a Ziran Qigong class

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Abbotsford    |   Qigong Melbourne, Abbotsford Convent – 1 St. Hilier St, Abbotsford

Richmond    |   Ziran Kungfu Academy, Melbourne Girls College, Yarra Boulevard, Richmond

Torquay    |    5 Elements Kung Fu Academy, 1 Merrijig Drive, Level 1 Grant Pavilion, Torquay

South Yarra    |    LiuHe-ZiRanMen Kungfu Academy, 30 Fitzgerald Street, South Yarra