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Abbotsford    |   Qigong Melbourne, Abbotsford Convent – 1 St. Hilier St, Abbotsford

Richmond    |   Ziran Kungfu Academy, Melbourne Girls College, Yarra Boulevard, Richmond

Torquay    |    5 Elements Kung Fu Academy, 1 Merrijig Drive, Level 1 Grant Pavilion, Torquay

South Yarra    |    LiuHe-ZiRanMen Kungfu Academy, 30 Fitzgerald Street, South Yarra 

Tian ren he yi - The Oneness of Heaven and Humanity - Workshop with Master Liu

Experience the true meaning of movement within Ziran Qigong

Opening - Connection - Vision - Breath - Spontaneity




In the philosophy of Ziran Qigong it is believed that the health of the body, mind and spirit relies upon a smooth flow of Qi within the body and beyond. Our body/mental disease is the result of poor Qi circulation, stagnation and the lack of communication between our inner world and the universe.


Tiān rén hé yī: 天人合一

The Oneness of Heaven and Humanity - Ziran Qigong workshop

Gravity and it’s opposing force in nature are mutually transformative, interdependent yet relative as are yin and yang.  A lack of connection between earth and heaven attributes to not enough grounding. A busy mind can result in less Qi moving blood to the heart via the feet, causing a lack of negative ions being sent to the heart which in turn increases the load on the heart creating ill health.

Understanding this concept builds strong connection of the body’s central axis of earth and heaven Qi. Awakening correspondence between ankle, pelvic flower, chest cavity, temporal and respiratory systems through balancing negative and positive energies helps us to understanding Zhuangzi’s philosophy of 'breathing with the feet creating balance and nourishing your heart'.


This workshop is for all levels - whether you're a practitioner of Taiji or Qigong - you will greatly improve your health and your practice.


Tickets are available to suit your schedule

Can't commit the whole weekend? You have the option to book for individual days.


Tian ren he yi - The Oneness of Heaven and Humanity

2-6pm Saturday and Sunday 14-15 March, Richmond

Venue: Performing Arts Auditorium, Melbourne Girls College, Richmond

Time: 2am - 6pm each day

Cost: $180 for weekend ticket or $100 for an individual day workshop

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